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Aircraft Charter

From the moment you call until you disembark, you will experience uncompromising care and quality every step of the way. You will find that every detail has been attended to, so that you will enjoy maximum comfort, luxury and convenience. Our cabin crew receives special VIP service training courses to ensure their delivery and service is impeccable. We offer a personal baggage service, where your personal luggage is cared for and delivered safely from departure to destination. You will enjoy effortless, elegant and reliable travel, from any point of departure to any destination, at any time you choose. Our Asia Pacific representatives (see Contact Us) are on stand-by 24 /7 to help you with your travel arrangements.



No matter what your schedule or travelling needs may be, Macau Jet is ready to provide a complete private aviation solution. You may choose to fly anytime and anywhere with us in absolute safety and comfort.


Executive Jet Charter. Every aircraft operated by Macau Jet is guaranteed to be a class above the others, so you can relax under the highest quality service available. This is the most convenient package for clients who fly between 1 and 100 hours per year and wish to pay on a per flight basis.


Membership Cards. This is a value package designed for clients who fly often, and want a better deal on repeat business. The package offers these clients an exclusive discounted rate and substantial savings.